Wikipedia is doomed

Have you visited wikipedia lately?

There is a biiiiiig picture at the top, suposedly of the "founder" of wikipedia. In some words he begs for money.

Now if you use an ad blocker like I do it is likely to annoy you. So I try hard to ignore it and go about my business.

But why does he have to ask for money?

Wiki is a big website with lots of trafic but it is "free" to use. But hosting a big site with lots of trafic costs money and it seems there is not enough of it at wiki. And I think that the way it is going now there will never be.

There is no point in giving money. Well, maybe if you are a hard core believer in free information there might but for most people the question is "What's in it for me?"

Not much. There is nothing in wiki for anyone who wants to contribute. No money. No glory. Not even satisfaction.

With "no money" I mean not only being paid for contributing but it also impossible to get a professional significance if you contribute. For me it would make business sense to contribute to the windvane self steering section. But if I do I find my contributions reverted. By whom? I do not know. And that is also for non professionals. All the satisfaction is gone if you find contributions reverted. And because everything is anonymous there is no glory.

Why would anyone bother supporting wikipedia?