What about newspapers an magazines in a digital age?

A lot of newspapers are struggling to survive. Everybody says that the free offering of information on the internet is the main problem.

Why would anyone pay for information when you can get it for free on the web?

It is probably true that you can find information about absolutely everything for free. But the problem there is that you need to be an expert to find all the info you need. For a lot of subjects there is just too much info in too many places for you to be able to find it. For a lot of subjects the search engines do not provide the kind of info you need. You need to be an expert to be able to find that info.

That has always been and probably always be the strength of an editor. An editor is a specialist in collecting information and presenting it in a way that is easy to digest.

With the internet still growing strongly it is likely that the editor will make some kind of comeback.

There will always be a need for well structured information!

A few days after writing this post I found this video over at www.ted.com
It's about making a difference in newspapers but the core of the message is much wider.