There is an app for that

With the developments of smartphones that can have tens of thousands little programs added to increase productivity a lot of things that we used to do our selves can now largely be done with one click using smart software.

This is a huge improvement to our lives because we can do stuff quicker and leave more time for making money.

Or does it?

Do you remember the counter movement to fast food? People started to realise that there was an important part of healthy eating overlooked when eating fast food. Not just the part of eating too much fat and processed food stuffs, but that the time that is actually spent on preparation is beneficial to how it is processed by you body.

I think the same thing works for work too.

Do you remember making cheat sheets? By the time you had one that was small enough to be used during a test at school you did not need it any more because you had absorbed all the knowledge yourself.

Now off course, take a picture of the info you need to store, sync it with evernote and you know where to find it. But you will not remember you know...

So instead, take the hand written note, write it out in a uniform format and then store it in one place. Digital or analogue, just the way you prefer.

But take some time to actually handle the information. You'll digest it better if you take the slow approach.