The software

No cnc machine is complete without the software.

You have to draw the parts. And the machine makes them. But there are a lot of steps between those two stages:

You have to tell the machine how and where it needs to move to make the parts. The computer needs to move the stepper motors.
The software tells the motors how many rotations to make in what sequence and in what direction. It need to know where the beginning is and where the end.

All of this is done by the software.

Since I am no fan of windows I decided to have a look at EMC2, a totally free pack that works with linux. They have done a great job here!

They have compiled a software pack that has EMC2 allready included in Ubuntu (that is a linux distribution) and it runs from cd.
So you can try it out without installing it! And when you like it, you can tell the system to install it on to your computer with just a few mouse klicks.

I know that some linux versions can install themselves on a computer that allready has windows installed and at start up give you the option which OS you wan to start. But I still have to find out if Ubuntu does it this way.