The return of the wooden car

One of the things I do frequently is run a what if scenario. Just before the colapse of the stockmarket in 2008 there had been a boom in energy prices. If you read my blog "did you pay a fair price for the energy that was put in your car?" you know that I feel that the price of energy should be the same for everyone, with no discount for heavy users.

So lets say that this were to happen.
How would the car industry cope? My guess is they wouldn't. They'd go bust.
Second hand cars would become very expensive. Restoring cars would become a very interesting business. But these cars would still use the same amount of fuel as they do now. And since the fuel price will keep on rising no matter what we do, (except for an occasional hickup) more energy efficient cars would need to be developed. But if energy is so expensive how to build them?

I say, build them from sunlight. No I did not say run them on solar energy, I said BUILD them from sunlight!

It would not be the first time that wood would replace metals in the face of scarcety. In world war 2 Britain had a lack of almost everything, including metals, raw materials and energy. So when they needed a new plane, the built it out of wood. The result was the Mosquito.

Building a car from wood would be quite a challenge. But it would not cost a lot of energy. Most of it would come from the sun.