Politicians, stop flocking! Well, sort of...

All over the world politicians are tumbling over each other to get the next solution in place to solve the financial crisis.

So far this has resulted in the lowest stock prices in almost 2 decades.

So all this political problem solving seems to do nothing at all.

Have a look at it "from the flock"

The way we have been flying for decades has been thoroughly disturbed. We were flying along nicely when a shot was fired in to our flock.

"Goodness, a shot has been fired in to our flock" the political birds cried out. "We must solve this! We must do this and this and that!" "No we must do such and such and just a bit of that" the union birds cry. The people birds watch the bickering and do not know where to fly. So every one just flies frantically.

No rest will come to the flock as long as the frantic flying continues.
The political birds need to stop messing about with solutions and carry on with running the normal stuff that the flock really needs.

Stop fussing about the crisis. Do not try to influence company flocks that are about to break up. New patterns need to form. Flocks will dissolve. Individual birds will feel unsafe anyway. But most will keep on flying.

A new flock, flying in new areas will come out of all of it.