3 things you can do immediatly to feed the world

If you have followed the news lately you may have seen a few food riots. Even people in countries that we do not think of as "poor" have trouble feeding their families.

If you are one of those people that think "this is horrible, what can I do?" here are tree things you can do that save you money as well.

Save energy
The demand for energy is growing at an exponential rate. As a result the prices of energy are rising. The cost of energy is calculated in to the cost of food production. Because of this the prices for food increase as well. If everyone in the world were to strive for saving energy this would have a dramatic impact on the worldwide food prices.

Drive at a lower speed on the motorway. This can save you between 3 and 10 %. And you'll be amazed at the extra time this will cost you to get to your destination... Virtually nothing! And this extra time will probably be compensated for by less frequent stops to fill up your car.

Eat less meat.
A lot of the worlds crops go in to meat production. You may feed 5 people in the poorest counties for a day, just by eating 90 grams/3 oz of meat instead of 180 grams/6 oz!

Buy less and better quality, buy good quality second hand.

Does this mean that life will be boring, dull and useless? Or that you have to be?