Did you pay a fair price for the energy that was put in your car?

If you're a manufacturer, quite a lot of the problems you encounter can be solved by using more power. If you can not get something bent, use a bigger press. Cold water does not work? Heat it to boiling point, dirt just flies of. Paint does not dry quick enough? Stick it in a hot room. Huges savings in the use of energy and the co2 emisions that go with it can be made here. But why should the manufacturer go through this trouble?

Energy is usualy the cheapest way to speed things up. Or is it?

What would it mean if energy wasn't as cheap for manufacturers as it is now? What if every watt of power would cost the same for everyone, big businesses and consumers alike?

If this were to happen the cost of everyday goods would sky rocket. The price of steel would go through the roof as would the price for aluminium. Cars would be twice as expensive, if not more. Every aspect of daily living would change.

After the dust had setteled a new way of thinking about manufacturing would evolve. This time not about speed as a low cost factor but low energy requirements as competetive edge. A whole new way of consuming would develop. Durability would become a much bigger selling point. In Denmark you see a lot of very old cars still on the road. Why? Cars are very highly taxed there when you buy one. You'd think twice about trashing it.

Equal energy prices for everyone!
Phew, I just made a political statement. I need an aspirine.