A second and this time wireless pendant

In using my pendant I quicly discovered 2 things:

  1. Having a wired pendant is a nuicance
  2. I want more keys

When I started with the first pendant, I did not think having a wire would be a problem. But after many near accidents and almost broken pendants I have changed my mind.

With the previous one I though I had included all the keys I needed. But I want more and wiring them to the old configuration is just as much work as making a fresh one.

So I decided to get an old and cheap wireless keyboard and do another build.

After dissasembling it I made some great advancements compared to last time.

First off all, this keyboard is a Logitech. The first thing that came to mind was "Their experience in developing this kind of product shows" It is nicely made. Not fancy, just nice, with straight to the point solutions.
It's simpler. And it has less contacts to connect the switches to.

The second is mapping the keys to the contacts.

This time I want to be able to connect any key that is available, even after making the first version.
This means I have to map all the keys that Lincnc uses. But how to check them against the contacts? Jus trying to type them will not work, some of the keys I need are f.i. F1 and F2.

Linux to the rescue!

In the ubuntu software center there is a program called KeyMon. This shows every key that you press. Very handy for mapping this job!
When I started, I used Inkscape to write down what pins connected to which keyboard button. But this soon turned to a rather frustrating job. Too much work!

So I started fresh, this time writing everything down in a spreadsheet.

After screwing the PCB to a piece of board I started mapping.
The pins on the PCB are divided in to two groups, each group ging to a specific area on the PCB. I numbered one group 1 to 18 and the other A to H.
I wrote each combination down by connecting the pins in the two areas. Some pins typed themselves, others needed to be written down after seeing the result in KeyMon.
So now I know all inputs available on this keyboard. Next is to single out the ones used in Lincnc.

To be continued......