Making a pendant for EMC2

This pendant is getting a wireless successor...!

The first pendant
Since my computer and router are a few meters apart I sometimes have to walk back and forth to set up the machine. Always a bit of a hassle.
I wanted some kind of remote control.

There are some pages on the web that explain how to set up a game controller to act as a pendant but that requires "software" or "scripting" which is a bit out of my league. I needed something more analogue.

Last week I suddenly realized that it might be possible to just use keyboard guts and only connect the keys I really needed. EMC does have keyboard commands that do the things I needed to hold in my hand.

I took an USB keyboard apart and traced where the keys ended up connecting to the printed circuit. I tried to move my simulator by connecting two parts of the circuit board and that worked!
Here is the printed circuit that is inside the keyboard:

I traced where all the connections that I needed were connected to the circuit (that may be different in other models):

I bought some switches and soldered them to the circuit board to the scheme I had worked out from tracing the circuits on the foil inside the keyboard.

Now all that is left to do is make a case for it...