Internet: Source of fear or source of excitement and expectation?

I just watched a tv show on how pictures posted on the internet changed the life of some people. A runner-up for a miss contest almost lost her position. 2 young woman would not get hired because of their facebook pages. And finally a young man was sentenced to jail after causing an accident whilst being intoxicated. He had posted some pictures up on a webpage where he was drinking just 2 weeks after the accident.

The 2 young woman had a job interview and the guy who was to interview them read their facebook page.

Where the woman were good candidates before he saw the webpages, he said he would not hire them after seeing the pages.

All of this got me thinking.

Do we use the internet mainly as a source of fear? A source of reasons not to...?

I prefer to use it as a source of good. Good ideas. Good knowledge.

It all depends on what you choose to believe to be the truth.

If you are looking to hire me as a specialist in Lean manufacturing, what do you believe after reading my story about the Nederlandse energie maatschappij?

Is that the truth?

It is unlikely that you will find the truth about that post and how I wrote it without questioning me in person.

And if it ticks you off from wanting to meet me, that is for the best. You are part of a script.

I prefer to work for people that embrace discovery instead of only seeing what's at the surface.

After the program I thought about my writings on the internet. There is quite a lot of it. And almost all of it is in a positive tone. I could take away the posts that have the sharper edges, to look even better when people do research on hiring me.

But that would be a cop out. I chose not to. Now does that scare you away from contacting me?