I don't like Apple anymore

About three years ago I bought an Ipod and I loved it. My experience with electronics made me weary about taking this step and I was worried that using the Ipod would be cumbersome.
The first thing was loading up the thing with music from cd. That went so quick and easy, I was amazed! Everything else was easy as well.

So I bought a macbook.

Because everyone had told me mac was easy I decided to take that plunge. I wondered what the fuss was all about but when I had to return to a windows machine for a project I fully realized it: Mac is easy.

And of course, apple is beautiful!
But my admiration for Apple is fading fast.

Apple's success with the Iphone is going to its corporate head. Apple is getting arrogant.

They are telling people what is safe and in good taste. Would you accept it if someone told you what software you could use on your pc? What things you could use it for? So no Iphone or Ipad for me, no matter how good looking they are.

But that main reason for my dislikes is this:
After years of focussing on making incredible products they have shifted their focus.

Apple tries to badmouth fellow companies.

I think Steve jobs is showing the first signs of old age. His restraint on speaking his mind is weakening. He is getting less flexible.
That is not a good thing if you think that you are God.