My router is allready turning out to be a PureSven build.

I am combining materials in a way I have not yet seen.

When I started I wanted to build the frame from 40 mm plywood. Unfortunately this was not flat enough so I decided to get me some steel.

Here are the updated sizes:

X 1250 mm with 950 mm of travel
Y 790 mm with about 548 mm travel
Z 400 mm, about 150 mm travel
Linear guide:
Supported shaft with ball bearing, 25 mm for the x axis, 20 mm for the rest.

x&y 16x16 mm ball screws. 2 for the x axis, driven by toothed belt
z 16 mm x 5 mm pitch ball screw

The Y axis will also get toothed belt as I want the motor not to stick out to keep the width of the machine at 790 mm