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All over the world politicians are tumbling over each other to get the next solution in place to solve the financial crisis.

So far this has resulted in the lowest stock prices in almost 2 decades.

So all this political problem solving seems to do nothing at all.

Have a look at it "from the flock"

The way we have been flying for decades has been thoroughly disturbed. We were flying along nicely when a shot was fired in to our flock.

If you have seen the video of the birds in my previous post you may realize that these paterns are visable throughout the animal world.
If you look at a school of fish you see that they can turn direction literally in the blink of an eye.

But we humans do it too. Sometimes slow, sometimes quickly.

After eight years of Bush, flip, enter the first non white president for the US.

For a very long time I have been fascinated by birds flying in a flock.
There is something very magical about how a flock looks in the air, with seemingly dense patches of birds and more open spaces in other spots.

Even though a flock keeps flying in more or less the same direction, the smaller patches may sometimes fly in a totally different direction. This is what makes a flock such a wonderfull thing to watch. Here is a beautifull example found on youtube: