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If you have followed the news lately you may have seen a few food riots. Even people in countries that we do not think of as "poor" have trouble feeding their families.

If you are one of those people that think "this is horrible, what can I do?" here are tree things you can do that save you money as well.

Save energy

If you're a manufacturer, quite a lot of the problems you encounter can be solved by using more power. If you can not get something bent, use a bigger press. Cold water does not work? Heat it to boiling point, dirt just flies of. Paint does not dry quick enough? Stick it in a hot room. Huges savings in the use of energy and the co2 emisions that go with it can be made here. But why should the manufacturer go through this trouble?

Energy is usualy the cheapest way to speed things up. Or is it?

The BBC had an interesting program on about drinking water.

What struck me was that in order to get a litre of water to your home trough the water mains added 0.3 grams of co2 to the atmosphere. A litre of botteled "designer" water would add 180 grams.


They also tested several waters for flavour. Renowned sommeliers took a sip of a lot of different kinds, including the most expensive and the local tap water. It was very hard for them to determin what was the most expensive, the differences were minute. In the end most thought the tap water was the most expensive.